How to add colour to your garden – no planting required

how to add colour to your garden
Jennifer Morgan,-Interiors Editor

Bring out the accent colours and give your garden a style boost without getting your hands dirty

If you haven’t really got green fingers and you don’t know your hibiscus from your hostas, there are still plenty of ways you can brighten up your garden. A splash of colour can be added from a paint pot rather than a flowerpot. But with as many colours available as there are latin plant names, where do you start? As Karen Haller, applied colour psychology practitioner and author of The Little Book of Colour says, ‘There are no right or wrong choices – it’s how certain colours make you feel.’

Think about the mood you want to create. ‘If it’s a fun, vibrant space, then think about colours that say this to you, such as bright orange or yellow, as they are more stimulating,‘ explains Karen. ‘If you’re looking for a more restful space, then go for softer greens, light blues and those earthy terracotta shades. For a stylish, sophisticated space, choose a classic blue and white combination with its nod to nautical life.’ 

How you work in these colours can be as simple as adding an outdoor cushion to a bench, clustering a few coloured lanterns together or painting a block of your mood-lifting favourite shade on a wall. ‘At the end of the day, you’ll lift the mood of your garden when you have colours that you love,’ says Karen. Read on for some of our favourite garden-ready colours and how best to use them. 


Relax with sun-baked terracotta

Warmer than still-so-popular blush, earthy terracotta is a great choice for gardens, working well with lots of leafy green foliage. You’ll even find it on outdoor furniture this summer, with lounge and table-and-chair sets available.

Boost your mood with feel-good teal

Be bold with striking teal, which pairs well with cooler greys in stone flooring or painted decking. Keep an eye out for confident teal-based patterns, found on outdoor cushions and indoor/outdoor rugs.

Party with hot orange

Looking to create a fiesta vibe? Combine uplifting pink, orange and teal for a garden scheme that will always put you in the party mood. Try painting woodwork – such as your tired shed – orange, to provide a great feel-good backdrop.

Be calm with soothing green

Layer in shades of green to create a tranquil spot, which echoes existing planting within your garden. Look for leaf motifs on outdoor cushions and add interesting textures with green-on-green glazed planters and pots.

Escape with coastal blue

Smarten up your garden decking with nautical blue and white. Stripes are a sophisticated pattern choice, while replacing the sling of your deckchair with one in a new colourway is an inexpensive makeover trick.

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