Five of the best online workouts to do in your living room

best online home workouts
Samantha Simmonds,-Digital Writer

These influencer-approved workouts will help you stay fit and healthy at home – no equipment necessary

Looking for new ways to work some movement into your day? Good news – the gym is coming to you. With top trainers dishing up fresh, free content on a daily basis and cult fitness studios opening their (virtual) doors on social media, there’s never been a better time to try an online fitness class. ‘You can use our online classes to give some structure to your day, and as a chance to try classes you haven’t found the time, or perhaps the confidence, to try before. Just do what you can and take it at a pace that suits you,’ says Charlotte Cox, founder of London fitness studio FLY LDN.

Exercise can help to combat stress and fatigue, enhance mood and boost productivity – taking part in an online class is a really positive way to start, end or break up your day, whether you’re working from home, home-schooling or simply seeking some structure. It can also be a great way to connect with others – that might mean doing a family-friendly class with the kids, or streaming a live yoga class on Zoom. ‘It’s more important than ever to keep our activity levels up,’ says Charlotte. ‘Starting or maintaining a regular exercise routine will help to keep your body healthy, support your immune system and mental health, and ease any stiffness from sitting at your desk or bending over your phone.’

If you’re not sure where to start, now is a great time to experiment. ‘Bootcamp-style classes like our Low Impact class will build and maintain your cardiovascular fitness, which is always a challenge when you’re stuck inside,’ says Charlotte. ‘Yoga will help with balance, mobility and flexibility, and barre and Pilates will help you build core strength – crucial to support your back through those hours at the computer – and strengthen the smaller muscle groups often missed by traditional fitness classes.’

Get started with some of our favourite online classes.

1. Bounce Fit

Trampolining isn’t just for kids – it’s also a seriously effective way to get fit, fast. A 10-minute bounce on a fitness trampoline or rebounder is said to clock up as many benefits for your physical health and emotional wellbeing as a 30-minute run – better yet, you can do it in your living room.

Instagram trendsetters rate SanFran Fitness’s Bounce Fit classes, created by husband and wife duo Scott and Claire Francis. ‘Rebounding is a fantastic way to exercise and keep you healthy,’ Scott confirms. ‘It is scientifically proven to stimulate your lymphatic system and a brilliant low impact cardio workout. It’s a great thing to do at any point during the day, every day if possible. But if you’re new to rebounding, start with every other day so your body and muscles get used to the new movement.’

It’s a great way to keep the kids active, too – Scott and Claire have recorded a series of family exercise classes that feature their own children. ‘We take you on farm adventures, visit sea life on the rebounders and do some light resistance work,’ Scott explains. ‘Videos are 10 minutes and the whole family can join in.’

Adult BounceFit exercises should be performed on a rebounder or fitness trampoline, but kids can use any trampoline, or even the floor. Head to SanFran’s YouTube channel to try one of their free beginner-friendly Bounce Fit workouts.

2. Barry's Bootcamp

Drop into Barry’s Bootcamp for one of its infamous HIIT classes and you might well have found yourself elbow to elbow with Harry Styles on the treadmills, or chugging down a post-workout protein smoothie alongside David Beckham. Now Barry's signature blend of hardcore cardio training and bust-a-gut-strength moves is coming out of the ‘Red Room’ and onto your iPad thanks to Instagram Live, which means you can bypass the waiting list – and the session fee. While we can't promise celebrity classmates, we can promise you'll get a good sweat on – it’s not called ‘the best workout in the world’ for nothing.

‘We are running four free 30-minute classes each day, at 8.30am, 9.30am, 12.30pm and 6.40pm,’ explains Barry’s representative Eliza Melville. ‘Each class is a full body workout which also targets certain areas, in a similar way to a regular Barry’s class, i.e. a full body workout with upper or lower body focus. All classes are suitable for all levels of fitness, and you don’t need any equipment to take part.’

3. 10 minute Tabata-style workout with The Body Coach

A quickfire lunchtime workout will help you power through the afternoon slump and still leave you time to shower and whip up a tasty lunch. If you’ve got kids, you might well be starting your weekdays with Joe Wicks and his brilliant P.E. with Joe series. Looking for a lunchtime fix? His 10 minute Tabata-style workout is the perfect way to punctuate a busy day.

Scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular and anaerobic fitness in a matter of minutes, Tabata workouts alternate 20-second bursts of high intensity exercise with 10-second rest periods. Joe’s intense, high-energy workout will have you doing four rounds of five easy-to-follow moves – the side shuffle, squat jump to tuck jump, high knee rope climb, push up to pike push up and crossover power jack – to wake up your body and refresh your mind.

4. Sofa workout with Krissy Cela

If tearing yourself off the sofa is proving a stretch, here's a compromise. The brilliant Krissy Cela teaches us how to make the most of our favourite piece of living room furniture with her ingenious sofa workout. Packed with toning and sculpting moves like step-ups, hip thrusts and elevated bridges, this low-impact six-step workout is suitable for all fitness levels. It’s the perfect way to bring a little movement into your day – and break up that Netflix marathon.

When you’re ready to take it to the floor (or the living room rug) you’ll find lots more home workouts to follow along with on Krissy’s Instagram page, ranging from targeted abs, back and legs routines to full body workouts. ‘This is a great time to step back and figure out what you’ve always wanted but never had the time to do,’ she explains. ‘If you have never set foot in a gym or trained before because you were too busy or didn’t have the money, this is your time to start. It’s not just about dropping a couple of dress sizes – it’s about sustainability, consistency and longevity – making a change for life.’

5. Slow Flow Yoga with FLY LDN

Thanks to the wonders of Instagram Live, you can now stream FLY LDN’s cult fitness classes to your screen morning, noon and evening. 45-minute classes run at 8am, 12.30pm and 5.45pm each day. Pulse-raising classes like barre, Pilates and Fly’s signature Low Impact classes will help you power through hectic mornings, while gentle evening yoga classes will help you recalibrate. Keen to begin a home yoga practice? These make a great introduction for would-be yogis.

‘All our classes are free of charge, equipment-free and beginner-friendly,’ FLY founder Charlotte explains. ‘We change our timetable every week to keep things fresh. Mixing up your workouts will keep your body guessing and your mind engaged. It will also help you to build and maintain different types of fitness. Our signature barre, dynamic Flowlife yoga and Low Impact fitness classes will wake you up in the morning, while our gentler slower Slow Flow and Chill yoga classes will help you unwind, stretch out and ease tension or anxiety at the end of the day.’

Aaand relax.

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